eGambit Home
Cybersecurity application for your Android device

  • Scan your current applications
  • Find potential security issues
  • Detect viruses, malwares, trojan horses, adwares...
  • Download and use this application for FREE


Scan your current applications and detect potential security issues (virus, malware, trojan horse, adware...)


Keep your device safe with a background security check for any new application deployed


Free checks with the well-known VirusTotal database (more than 50 antiviruses)


Free updates of viruses' signatures thanks to our online threats intelligence database

Unknown threats

Free uploads of unknown applications generating new security scans


Intuitive color based results: Green (OK), Yellow (Suspicious), Red (Threat)

Protect your Android device with eGambit Home

  • Advanced security features
  • Zero unwanted distraction, Zero advertising
  • Free updates
  • Easy to deploy, Easy to use


eGambit Home is a cybersecurity application for your Android device.
Download it for a carefree yet informed use of your smartphone.
It is created and maintained by TEHTRIS, a French awarded cybersecurity company.
It is offered for FREE: zero popup, zero unwanted distraction and zero advertising.
Your data privacy is respected: eGambit Home is GDPR compliant (European General Data Protection Regulation).

FAQ [English]

What about privacy?

You can read TEHTRIS privacy policy [ here ]

You can read VirusTotal privacy policy [ here ]

Why is it FREE?

Everyday TEHTRIS Company creates and uses cybersecurity technologies to fight against threats on the Internet. We decided to share our knowledge, tools and threats intelligence database to the community in order to help people. This is a FREE application, with no commercial support.

What about the license?

You can read the End User License Agreement [ here ]

You can read VirusTotal Terms of Service [ here ]

What about uploads on VirusTotal?

By submitting files to VirusTotal you are asking VirusTotal to share your submission with the security community and agree to VirusTotal Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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  • Free App
  • Free updates
  • Free virus scanning
  • Free monitoring for apps installations
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Commercial support
  • Fleet Management


We hope you'll enjoy this free application.
Protect your Android device with eGambit Home
Happy scanning!